Misaki Sushi and Bar

As new business owners trying to establish a customer base, the founders of Misaki often found themselves developing friendships and new customers through sake bombs. “It was very difficult to introduce the idea of sushi and raw sashimi to locals who had never tried Japanese cuisines,” Andrew recalls. “However, after a few sake bombs, the idea to be more adventurous and order something other than chicken teriyaki was more palatable. Once our customers tried the sushi and sashimi they were hooked and became repeat customers.”


Misaki has more than 35 employees and often provides the first work experience for young Stocktonians. Misaki also prides itself on being a good community member by promoting the revitalization of downtown Stockton and participating in local charitable events. Misaki hosted a golf tournament to help raise money for a customer taht suffered an aneurysm and is a sponsor of the annual Stockton Police Youth Activities boxing event hosted by Steve Salas. Misaki is also a proud sponsor of Arturo and Ana Vera’s fundraisers to benefit Art Expressions of San Joaquin.


The founds of Misaki are constantly looking for ways to improve the delivery of its food and service. They believe that the continued success of Misaki depends on the long-term relationships it has with its customers and the community. Going forward, Misaki Sushi and Bar will continue to focus on these key items.